Woman’s Month

Women’s month was celebrated in South Africa in August. This poem was written by Siki Dlanga to commemorate Women’s month and to highlight the continued struggles and challenges women of all race face when it comes to discrimination and abuse. She said NO   1956 She marched on She was black She was white She was Indian She was coloured She said NO  Strydom hid From her voice Demanding justice Strydom hid   Under her gaze Apartheid shuddered Apartheid quivered Until it shattered   She said NO   2012 She is black She is white She is Indian She is coloured She says NO   Do not touch My children!   She says NO Do not touch me   She said NO
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Siki Dlanga

I am a South African woman who laughs out loud. I think beauty is not well understood so too often it is exploited and too often its power underrated. The course of life is most impacted by those who have the most significant conversations. Thus life is the sum of conversations. I hope to capture you with the beauty of being in conversation.

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