With a Sentence Served

I relax, have a cigarette, Inhale it’s toxic fumes, Have another whisky shot, There’s plenty more to come, Stay until last orders, Enjoy the company, The weekend’s nearly over, Have another drink on me. Spill another lie or two To entertain the troops, Crack another howler, See how low I can stoop, The depravity of alcohol Always loosens tongues, An argument with a mate, A fight, and then go home. There’s been another stabbing, Have I read the morning news? A man was killed in High Street And the finger points at me, Descriptions fit my profile, Impossible, it seems, I can’t remember anything, Except being in a dream. Light a cigarette and ponder, On a strong, black mug of coffee, To clear the vagueness of a memory As it slowly drifts away, Within a misty cloud of redness, So blatant in my mind, It screams it’s horror at me Sending shivers down my spine. A glimpse of something glinting, From the corner of my eye, It sparkles in a shadow, Glitters in the night, To weave a veil of deep remorse That I can’t understand, The man that died on High Street, Didn’t die by my hand. It all seems unbelievable, Just a scene within a play, There’s no way I could have killed One of my best mates, The fingers that are pointing Have made a big mistake, The blood upon my clothing Can be easily explained. So I had a fight, it’s what mates do, To entertain themselves, The blood comes from a fattened lip, Or maybe when he fell, But I’d never use a razor, A bottle or a knife, Even filled with rage and anger, I’d never take a life. D.N.A. is living proof, C.C.T.V. is too, And forty odd some witnesses Have told their tale on me, Deep regret within my heart Ponders suicide, It was never meant to go this far, Why did he have to die? I took the life of another In a state of drunken revelry, But the tears I cry are for myself, They mourn my own self pity, Hell mend me for my antics, It’s all that I deserve. I can reflect on my vanity Within a sentence served.
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