Why we love Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is undoubtedly a very controversial figure. Wherever he has coached; be it Portugal, England, Italy and now Spain he has left behind him a trail of success, admirers and along with it envy and a whole host of enemies. Love him or hate him, one thing you can’t dispute is that Mourinho is quite possibly the best coach in the world at the moment and most likely the greatest coach the game of football has ever known. Mourinho has only been in Spain for a few months and he has typically won over many admirers but also at the same time made many enemies. Valencia coach Unai Emery has been highly critical of Mourinho. He had a highly publicised spat with much-loved Sporting Gijon coach Manuel Preciado. Coaches of other teams such as Villareal and Espanyol have also taken a stance against him. In Italy coaches such as Roma’s Claudio Ranieri and Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri have been very open about their dislike of him. His spats with Arsene Wenger in England have attained legendary status. Quite simply, Mourinho is one of those polarising figures whom you either love or hate. I have always been a Jose Mourinho fan and I know that there are many people out there who admire him. The question though is why? Firstly, Mourinho is a winner. He understands the importance of the bottom line. He recently said that, “his job was not to make friends but to win matches and bring trophies to his club.” I mean it does not get much simpler than that, as a football coach he is not paid to be popular with opposition coaches but to win trophies and bring success to whatever team he is coaching and up to now he has done that quite brilliantly. Secondly, he has tremendous self-belief and is not prone to self-doubt. This is an essential quality and characteristic for anyone who wants to attain success in any field of endeavour. Upon arriving at Chelsea, he called himself the ‘Special One” and proclaimed that he was going to win the league in his first year which he proceeded to do without much fuss. In other words he talks the talk and walks the walk. Many people think he is arrogant, but I tend to believe that he just knows that he is good at what he does and is unapologetic about that fact and is not afraid to state that fact, which is quite refreshing. My theory is that most people are so insecure that when they meet a confident, assertive individual like Mourinho they immediately project their insecurities onto him and automatically label him as arrogant, when in actual fact he is not that at all. Thirdly, he inspires confidence and loyalty of the most incredible kind in those who work with him and play for him. Whilst opposition coaches and some media people dislike him, at every club that he has been to, his players have shown an affection and love for him which is extraordinary. Dutch superstar Wesley Sneijder recently said that he would die for him. Enfant terrible Zlatan Ibrahimovich who is not afraid to speak his mind and has offended many people in the game has often spoken out about his great admiration for Mourinho, having played for one season at Inter Milan under him. Real Madrid and Spain captain Iker Casillas has recently been speaking out about how he and all the other Real Madrid players would stand up for Mourinho under any circumstances. Other players such as Didier Drogba, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Marco Materazzi, Samuel Etto, Javier Zanetti etc swear by Mourinho. I could go on and on about this phenomenon called Mourinho, but whether you love him or hate him one thing you can’t deny is that Jose Mourinho is a genius of a football coach. His success rate is unparalleled and his charisma and personality have made him the most quotable coach in the game and will ensure that he will be making headlines for many years to come still.
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