Why Blame Ayisi When Yamin First Ate The Apple?

Profusely fueling the “you too” argument in our public discourse lately has been the scourge of vigilantes and the sinful utterances of Wofa Ayisi.

The defense being put up strongly for such errant attitudes is that of listing a litany of similar happenings in the past in a disingenuous attempt to whitewash the current. What is most troubling however is that, we have some of our finest legal minds and Ivy League scholars postulating similar arguments, ostensibly out of convenience, instead of laying responsibility squarely where it ought to be; though the heavens may fall. They of all people know best, that the inconsistency of an opposition party is no logical defense for a party in government; with that understanding, the “You too” proposition suddenly collapses in their hands.

That aside, what these party intellectuals may not be realizing immediately is the insidious effect such arguments have. They result in always kicking the can forward on our national challenges anytime the opportunity is presented for such problems to be nipped in the bud. The deterring precedents are therefore never set and we continue to grope forward frantically in the mess, hoping some way somehow, a solution will emerge. But such dispositions are all efforts in either duplicity or mere self deceit.

What do you think will happen when the thought and political leaders keep telling our people that a particular problem didn’t start today and therefore they should go easy on their expectations of duty bearers tasked to solve them? Do you think such a problem will ever be solved?

I am sure given the chance, we will regress all our problems to the beginning, to the original sin; and equally blame Adam and Eve for having eaten the forbidden fruit, hence all the mess in our society. But the inherent lesson we fail to pick from that anecdotal piece in the scriptures is that, the “You too” argument did not even succeed then in absolving Adam of responsibility, when he decided to shift it back to Eve, and even to the creator himself.

It will therefore be most helpful, if we can help ourselves by shifting from these “You too” excuses and begin taking responsibility, as and when it’s due. In this, our party intellectuals are as much the problem as we the Kyikyinga sellers, who are often blamed for creating the mess; as though we would have created any such mess if there were no buyers.

So my Sunday Question to all of us is; when will this cycle of “you too” stop? It obviously has to end somewhere abi? For some of us still hold the confidence that Nana Addo is a man capable of bringing about that sweeping change to elevate our society above the stench of convenient politicking . Can we help him to act and achieve such? Let’s help him.

When there’s the culture of collective outcry and demand for right when a wrong is done, even if the perpetrator were to be the President’s brother, he cannot argue not to be axed if he fails while serving in public office. But when otherwise discerning voices seem to tacitly pardon the wrong doing, the pepertrators justifiably believe they have a ground swell of support, hence feel they should not be changed.

Every political leader’s action is first and foremost predicated on the stand of their core base. If those in this space don’t think an action is punishable by dismissal, it becomes most difficult for the president to act as such. But if he doesn’t, he will nonetheless appear irresolute before the larger populace; and subsequently lose his mass appeal.

Dropping the high bar from the resignation of the Deputy Agric Minister and Cancellation of the Tow tax, right down to pardoning flagrant, divisive and nepotistic declarations is an act that won’t serve this government well.

Therefore defending Ayisi’s untenable position may look like the right thing to do in solidarity with one’s party, but it isn’t an act of helping the president nor the government, if you think about it carefully. If you doubt me, ask the NDC.

I am sure the advanced democracies have gone through this cycle before; where parties are removed from power not for want of performance per se, but for condoning such faux pas that go to disrespect the public or bring a public office into disrepute. I believe that is why the culture came to be, where it has become a matter of course for a soiled public officer to step down without need for coercion. Better the individual than the entire party.

The above, I don’t think has dawned on politicians in Ghana yet. So maybe they will have to unnecessarily lose a few more elections before the effect is brought home. For none can say that the Kufuor government of 8 years was swept aside due to comparative non performance, anymore than it was more of reckless utterances and acts by key functionaries; which the opposition duly capitalized on, in addition to a handful of genuine concerns, to prepare a lethal political Molotov against the NPP then. But It appears the politician never learns or possibly suffer the worst form of selective amnesia.

All said, it’s still early days in the life of this government and they have a golden opportunity to make all these hiccups appear like a bad dream on hindsight. This they can only achieve if they resolve today to swallow the hard pills of tampering partisanship with the national interest, and show a front that works for the good of all, while disciplining all errant government officials accordingly, no matter whose Ox is gored.

Well, why do I have the sad feeling that I am only writing English, but none is listening? Nonetheless…


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