Who Can We Trust?

Who can we trust these days? We are constantly told that we should fight to make our democracy work and that electing representatives to stand for us in government is in our best interest. Yet almost everyday we receive news of one official or another who is suspected of being involved in some measure of corrupt behaviour. From one who stole R1800 from a theft (allegedly) to one who wants to spend R500 million on a building illegally (again, allegedly).

So who can we trust?

Different voices are constantly fighting for our attention, all clamouring to be heard, because with our votes we determine who gets to maintain a grip on our government institutions. But these very people then find a way to disappear into the inner hidden rooms of government bureaucracy, leaving us holding empty sacks of promises.

We can’t seem to trust Julius Malema on any level, because as much as he has some valid points that need to be put in the forefront of discussions in our country, his inability to engage the populous without resorting to some sort of violent outbursts while conducting hidden agendas makes it hard to trust him.

The union leaders ¬†present themselves as representatives of the people. But in most cases, you find that they do nothing about their members destroying property and threatening others who don’t join them, washing their hands of all such things, when they were the ones who called for a strike.

Government ministers can be the worst. Not only do they flaunt the excessive lifestyles that they live at the taxpayer’s expense, they have no issue with not taking responsibility for their actions. All they say is that the ministerial handbook allows them to do so. And they are more than happy to have it allowed.

The rest of the population is stuck, hoping to see change, which never comes. Ministers and their departments, who are supposed to be actively solving the problems of the country, are not only slow, in some cases they are moving backwards, unable or unwilling to help their people.

So who do we trust?

And when we take situations into our own hands, we are told to trust the system. Yet the greatest failure, with regards to bringing services to the people, is the justice system. People live without hope.

We need a new breed of people who can restore trust in our country, showing us that we can really trust that the government can function and fulfill its role, helping the citizens of our country face the future with hope, knowing that they do not resort to violence or crime to get by.

We need people who we can truly trust.


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