We Are A Troubled Nation

Strike season is upon us.

Petrol stations are running dry as workers strike for better wages.  Service delivery protests are intensifying, with people burning down cars and houses to prove their point. Municipal workers are also considering the idea of a strike as everyone wants to get bigger and better salaries. CEOs and other executive pay themselves copious amounts of bonuses and look surprised when their employees go on strike, asking for a mere 12-15% increase; some say the increases are unreasonable, but maybe the employers should have thought of that before they gave themselves bonuses.

In other parts of our country people are still fighting to try to get houses built for them; some are fighting to gain access to houses that have already been built. But it seems the government (whether provincial or national) is dragging its proverbial feet instead of pushing to see services being delivered to the people. We seem to have reverted back to the unending circle of finger pointing and denialism that plagues our country; on one hand the incumbent government blames the opposition for lack of progress while the opposition uses the ruling party as an example of lack of good leadership.  Where does it end? Will no one stand and take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof?

The more frustrated people get, the worse of a state our country will be. When did common sense become an endangered species? And this is not just on the part of those in public leadership roles. The recent burning of a councilor’s house and car as a way of protesting shows the unhealthy state of our people’s thinking and their deliberate destruction of property shows how immune they believe they are to reprisals. Violence is seen as the only way to negotiate terms of any settlement. But what does that say about us? Are we a nation who adhere to mob mentality?

When will it all end?

While I ponder this, I think I will go fill up my car just in case the petrol stations run dry in my part of the world.

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