Valentine’s Day

Why do we bother?

Every year we have the same thing happen: men and women everywhere declare their undying love for their lovers/spouses and buy flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and other unmentionables so that the other party feels loved. And we hear endless love songs being pumped through the radio and the greatness of the day is waxed lyrical everywhere. Even TV is in the act, with SABC 1 determined to make the whole month all about valentine.

Yet, like all the other commercialised days of celebration, the next day continues as if nothing has happened. The very people who were declaring their undying love on the 14th are beating up the very people they love the next day; or even cheating on them. So why do we bother???

There is always pressure to buy something for your loved one, as if it is mandatory for one to give something to show their love. And women get upset when you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, as if it is men’s responsibility to make sure that they feel loved on that day. My question is:  What about the rest of the year? Does it mean that every other day we show affection is wasted if we do not jump on the Valentine bandwagon. The double standards that women apply to men when they see fit does not go hand-in-hand with their pursuit of equality.

No wonder some women can’t be taken seriously by men. If one is moved by emotionality, how can they be trusted to be stable when they need to be?

So I ask again: Why do we bother?


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