Unless We Unite

Unless we unite, Starvation and stagnation- Shall we pay for a price. Posterity and destitution, Shall we compromise If carelessly, we sit- And do not rise, Unless we unite, Amongst ourselves, We’ll continue to fight. And our future would look- Sick and bleak in place of bright. It all starts, if we stop accusing Mugabe, And start voting against Charles Taylor- And the likes.   Unless we unite, Destruction shall remain a noble sight. Our conscience cannot frown- But overlook genocides.   Unless we unite, Hurting forever in our hearts will preside- While like dummies, Our fate they’ll always decide.   Unless we unite, We’ll still debate amongst ourselves, If killing one another is right. Apartheid attained an irreparable height- Even the devil thought that, Sierra Leon, Rwanda and Liberia, was the end of this plight.   Then came Darfur flying like a kite, Got stuck on this tree of peace- Which we vigil each night. Unless we unite
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