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With the political tensions heightening at the moment, its very clear to see that each political party would do whatever it takes to win these elections. I am talking about the NDC and NPP contesting for the December 2012 elections. With no disrespect to the other political parties, any discerning Ghanaian would make a choice between the two major political parties. Unless as a show of political  dissatisfaction you throw your votes away. I realistically don’t see why one would vote for the CPP, or PPP, or PNC  etc. however why has it become this way? How is it that these two political parties have been leading us for the past 30 years and we still 50 years behind in our development. Don’t we just marvel at the legacy of Kwame Nkrumah? The Akosombo dam? the University of Ghana etc. It is not necessarily about the physical structures that are testament to his name but the sort of visionary leadership he had that almost all the projects and policies he implemented 50 years ago are still very relevant today. So relevant that you wonder if we would have been importing “electricity” if not for the Akosombo dam that he built. A friend once jokingly said that if not for Osagyefo, Ghanaians would have been walking naked by now, jumping from tree to tree.( I added the tree part). But for heavens sake what have we achieved since independence? And the most painful aspect which brings me to my main issue is we argue and debate and pay attention to the most irrelevant issues that do not in any way contribute to our national development . The NPPchairman Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, in his property owning wisdom claims ownership of government property that belongs to the people. In this 21st century, in this rock hard economic crisis and in our democratic dispensation, why would any one in his right mind contest ownership of government property that belongs to the people? Upon all the land in Ghana, is that the only one all his money can afford? And these are the moral values or sense of judgement with which he wants to return his party into to power with?. The NDC has reduced the Attorney Generals department and the legal history of the government to the biggest ridicule ever. How do 2 ministers of government privately contest the ownership of a said property claiming it was fraught with corruption and within three and a half years never produce any tangible evidence to buttress their claims. Such that the Supreme Court, the highest courts of Ghana rules unanimously in favour of Jake. That not being a joke, the cabinet headed by our own President announces that they are still not going to release ownership of the said property even though the Supreme Court has directed otherwise. I mean why did they have courts, legal systems and the rule of law?. They could have just said they would not sell the property and even refuse to go to court. After all they are above the law. How does an individual, lay claim to Ghc 51 million as judgements debts and be paid by the Government even against the President’s directive not to pay. In the Attorney Generals efforts to get to the bottom of the matter, he gets sacked because he had the interest of Ghana at heart, instead of the party that gave him that job. And you think NDC are the worst people, all these debts (Ghana’s money) were accrued by the deliberate mismanagement of the economy by the almighty NPP. How does one government, abrogate so many contracts as they entered in. Why did you enter these contracts in the first place. Need I say more.. But the list continues, going back into history you would realize that these two parties have been taking Ghanaians for a joke. But at the end of the 2012 elections one of these two parties is going to win. Is it that the one that wins is better than the other or less worse than the other. Your answer is as good as mine, but really aren’t we just choosing between Two evils? Ofori Danso is a Masters Student studying Development Management at Ghana’s Institute of Management and Public Adminstration (GIMPA)
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