The Unlikely Candidate

Mark Kalkwarf’s photograph of the unlikely tattoo candidate demonstrates that there is more to a person than what meets the eye. And often much more inside than we think is there. Facades and fronts are as pervasive as misguided underestimations of our value and potential. This person fits into this mould for this unreasonable reason, while that person definitely belongs over there in the corner of the room to be shunned for the rest of their life. With nothing more than quick, arbitrary assessments, everyone in society is placed into neat boxes that might or might not be a true reflection of the person that they are. In most cases, these modes of categorisation and identification serve to rob people of their personhood instead of calling out the best in each individual.
Profile photo of Kambani Ramano

Kambani Ramano

refusing to let history encumber him, Kambani has gone off to do something wonderful...

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