The Royal Wedding

This week we have been bombarded with all sorts of media stories focussing on the wedding of Prince William and his sweetheart Kate Middleton. People all over the world are seemingly excited about this union and a television audience of hundreds of millions of people is expected to witness their nuptials, with excitement levels at an all time high.

Seeing all this euphoria over the royal couple typically got me thinking and led me down a trail of many thoughts. I have never been a fan of the royal family or any form of royalty whatsoever so all this excitement and media frenzy constitutes “much ado about nothing” in my books.

In a twenty first century world that seeks to reward merit, hard work, initiative and all those kinds of values I see no point in having an institution such as the royal family which is made up of people that are born into privilege and luxury solely because they were born into some “aristocratic” family. These people are afforded honour, respect, opportunity and special rights and privileges not on the basis of anything they have done or some great service to humanity or society.

They live off taxpayers’ money without necessarily having to make any contribution to the health and development of society. It is not as if they are the descendants of some individual who made a great contribution to the cause of human progress or some great entrepreneur who built a large corporation which brought in new products and created many jobs for people. It is not as if they are descendants of some political martyr or hero who made great sacrifices for the sake of his nation.

They are just a bunch of pampered brats, born into privilege purely by the accident of birth and in my books that is not something to be celebrated at all. The world will be no better just because William and Kate Middleton got married. Humanity will derive no meaningful benefit from their union. In fact the institution of the monarchy has no place in a twenty first century world built on the foundation of the equality of all people and hence it deserves to be abolished.

In a world of rights, democracy, equality and freedom, a monarchy, even a constitutional monarchy is outdated and should be completely dissolved, with the individuals who make up the royal family being released to go and work hard, build a life for themselves and make a contribution to society like every other human being is expected to.

So I will not be wasting my time celebrating a union which has no relevance or significance when placed in its proper context and I am dumbfounded that so many people see fit to celebrate and profile an event as inconsequential as this when there are many more important and urgent things occurring around the world that require out full attention.

Mugabe Ratshikuni

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