The Matrix: Real Live Vs Social Media

When I watched the matrix back in 1999, I was confused about the import of the question posed to Neo, choose the red pill or the blue pill.

My young mind couldn’t understand the choice Neo had to make until now.

Years ago mainstream media used to be our matrix, the news and all other forms of programming were used to shape our thinking and reality and worldview.

The popularity of the worldwide web, with apps like YouTube sort to disrupt this control of our senses. For once we had control over what we watched and read about with just a click on our Mousepad. This was the time of MySpace, Hi5 and other social media platforms. For a while we were free sans global media Mainstream news houses still blaring their propaganda about how divided we are as a planet etc.

Then FB came along the platform was quickly adopted by activists to forward their noble agendas and causes, it was easy to squash fake news by providing an alternative source of information.

But this didn’t last long… Nowadays when you walk the FB streets all you see is fake. Reality here is what you decide it should be. There are more fake FB accounts than there are of real people.

It’s become a platform where political agendas and plans are hatched and executed to the detriment of true development especially in a place like Ghana.

It’s become a place where undeserving people are projected for all the wrong reasons. A place where we value and share salacious news over issues that affect our growth and wellbeing.

Today I realized that FB is the matrix Morpheus spoke about.

And with that realization it’s time to leave this platform and get back to real life.

May your 2018 be blessed. If you need to get a hold of me in the coming year, you’ll figure out how, it just won’t be on these FB streets. I’m going into the real world and may come back to check out These streets some day later.

I choose real life…

Kate Tutu

Social Entrepreneur,Business Consultant, Editor of Feint & Margin, a young woman who's passionate about Africa's people and development.

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