The Lie Dectector -Part one

From the sound of her voice, I could tell she was lying.

I watched her intently from behind my dark shades trying my best to spook her.

She kept on explaining as I focused on the emotions spewing from every sound she made.

‘Desperation’,’anger’, ‘fear’, ‘confusion’ No.. Scratch that.. It was something else.. Something I couldn’t place my hands on but I could bet my last dime she was hiding something. The way she shifted her weight unconsciously where she sat , the way she struggled with her words catching her breath every now and then as if heaving a sigh of relief .She was actually doing a pretty good job with all the theatrics .. If only she knew I couldn’t actually see her.

The door opened and detective o’connor entered the room .

“How’s it going John ?” he clipped. I smiled and said as calmly as I could ,”she’s lying” .

The lady sprung up knocking back her chair. I could tell she was angry. O’connor reached for his gun almost immediately.

“Get on the ground now” I heard O’connor speak with authority . I remained seated trying my best not to look alarmed .

“Ma’am , don’t force me to use this ”

” get on your knees”, he repeated .

The lady paused weighing her options , I could feel her staring me in the face .

“Maam,I  am warning you” , O’connor repeated  .

She stood there and all of a sudden she let out a scream and lunged forward .

The gun went off as I heard a shrieked sound . My senses began tingling as they went into overdrive .

I searched for my stick as I turned on my hearing aid . In the tussle , someone must have knocked it to the ground . My instinct prompted me to get on my knees and start searching but the soldier in me kept me down.

‘Click’ ,I heard the sound of the gun as its heated nozzle was pressed against the back of my head filling me with pain . I didn’t have to second guess as I figured O’connor  was on the receiving end of the gunfire.

I spun around swiftly knocking the gun from her and knocking her out in one move .

I reached for my  handcuffs as I chained her to the edge of the table. “You have the right to remain silent , anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law ‘ I said .

Outside the door , I could hear the bombsquad struggling to get in.

“I need a medic!”

“I need a medic!” , I screamed as I checked O’connor for his pulse .

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