The Incredible Man

On the flanges of expertise and sheer intelligence, This man stood and facilitated deals- When between the world’s government’s and the people, He nursed very special ideals. By this, men feared his speed- When not even any deed- of his Was found aligned with greed!   Then-at the conception of our inabilities, When even our ability to try- Was buried with the skeletons Of fear and tons of weaknesses, This brother dined with several realities   Soon, in his league of professionals- He earned the acronym-fearsome! His tactics were incomparable, And others said, his ways were unmatched But we sought to pronounce him, the incredible.   This is a man who’s seen it all in business- Graced some of the world’s hottest political platforms Tested each line of fashion, Committed every act of kindness- With heaven remaining his only passion   He is Consol Alfred Agbesi Woyome
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