The Green Revolution Is Here! But Who Is Buying?

Wikileaks revelations (<<click on link to read the wikiLeaks cables) cited Mr. Ivor Kobina Greenstreet accusing Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom of cutting deals with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the latter’s turn as flag bearer of the Convention People’s party(CPP). Dr. Abu Sakara Foster has been severally accused of virtually abandoning his campaign and siding with the National Democratic Congress (NDC), when he succeeded Dr. Nduom as flag bearer of the CPP. The sentiments within the CPP has been that their presidential candidates do sell out to the major parties , the NPP and NDC, during national elections – hence their poor showing at the polls.

It was therefore a core campaign subject to elect a flag bearer who will be loyal to the party and campaign hard to improve their  dwindling fortunes at the polls. Many pundits saw that in party faithful Samia Yaba Nkrumah, daughter of the CPP’s founder. Therefore a lot of party sympathizers, including a former contestant for the flag bearer position,Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, predicted certain victory for her during the party’s national congress held on Saturday at the Trade Fair Grounds, La – Accra.

Samia is seen as one who will not bend to the whims of the NPP or NDC because of her filial allegiance to the party. This position was confirmed by the wikileaks document (<<click on link to read the wikiLeaks cables)that revealed her commitment to issues based on merit, rather than caucusing with either the NDC or NPP in parliament. But in a sudden twist of events, Ivor Greenstreet won the flag bearer role in a landslide victory with 64% of all the votes cast by the delegates.

Very little is known about Ivor Greenstreet. Who is he? And what does his victory portend for the CPP?

A brief historical appreciation of Greenstreet places him in direct aversion to the NDC. The circumstances surrounding the humiliation of his father-in-law, Kow Nkensen Arkaah, who was then vice president to Jerry Rawlings, brings his disenchantment with the NDC home. The final straw however would be the mysterious road accidents that killed his father-in-law on the one hand and later his lady friend, leaving him ( Greenstreet was the driver) incapacitated in the process. Thunder they say doesn’t strike at the same place twice.  His latest demonstration of this rage was seen in the diatribe he launched at the NDC at their last congress. However you look at it, the NDC would see a silver lining in Ivor’s victory – that is, the elimination of Samia Nkrumah. Her participation in the presidential race the NDC dreads will erode their usurpation of the Nkrumah legacy for political capital.

This leaves the possibility that Greenstreet would warm towards the NPP. However, there are no certain basis for this, apart from the fact that some of his staunch supporters for the flag bearer role, including the likes of Kwabena Bomfeh (aka Kabila) have been rumoured to be dining steadily with the NPP; coupled with the fact that the NPP also quickly rallied to his defense when he attacked the NDC on their congress grounds.
Accusations from defeated flag bearer hopefuls, Samia Nkrumah and Bright Akwetey, that Greenstreet conducted a campaign based on blatant distribution of money, even at the congress grounds, should raise genuine eyebrows if these allegations are true. For one would venture a genuine question – what is the source of his seemingly inexhaustible campaign war chests? When you follow the money, you can be sure to tell who the man owes his allegiance. However, it could also be a matter of pure sour grapes being eaten by the candidates who lost.

As things stand, one cannot tell for sure if Ivor has or would ever be compromised by the larger parties. He has served the CPP over the years as General Secretary, bid his time patiently and now has won the trust of the party members as their flag bearer. Certainly, members of the CPP can only hope he would be that long awaited messiah who would serve the CPP as an end in itself, not as an appendage to any other party. CPP faithfuls can only pray Ivor to arduously campaign and prepare the party to marshal its troops for the battle come November 7; and not sell out to the highest bidder.

Ladies and gentlemen, be you ready; for we may just be on the verge of the Green Revolution!

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