The Golden Baobab is in Search of African Writers for Children’s Stories

It’s that time of the year again! Golden Baobab is excited to announce the call for submissions for its annual Golden Baobab Prize. Our literary award invites entries of unpublished African-inspired stories written for an audience of ages 8-11 years or 12-15 years.


This year the prize will award $1,000 to the best story in the junior category as well as the senior category and $800 to the most promising young writer (18 years and below).  As part of our mission to identify the African literary giants of the next generation and produce classic stories that will be appreciated for years to come, the Golden Baobab Prize offers to connect outstanding stories with African and international publishers. The Prize is open to African citizens of all ages. Deadline for submission is June 24, 2012.

Please help us spread the word about the Golden Baobab Prize by:

1. Forwarding this email and the poster to interested persons or organizations
2. Encouraging eligible persons (i.e. African citizens of all ages)within your networks to write and submit their stories.
3. Printing out and putting up our catchy poster attached. It should only take a minute!

The Golden Baobab is here to change the face of African literature as we know it! We are counting on your support in achieving this vision.

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