The Future

The future is now

Reality is only how

Ideas germinate on stones

Plans are like a decomposed set of bones

At the base of calculus-

Mathematical functions and the use of the abacus,

On the pages of life, we craft a way

Of attaining the status of a better day

But the future is now

Reality is only how

After decades of independence-

Under the auspices of false pretence,

We eulogize-

Yet the booties of a borrowed sophistication

Whence on this sacred spot,

We stood yesterday

Declared our unimpeachable allegiance

To the lords of liberation

And to the gods of our ancestors,

We enshrined our fate-

In the fetish of libation

But today, we stand in the middle of perpetual lack

With our focus constantly lagging at the back

The future is now

Reality is only how

Opportunities abound

While in a place of gold, we still scavenge for success

All in a turn around

Professors put grades before knowledge acquisition

While dressed in robes of intimidation,

They preach to us, the gospel of the carcass of wisdom

In constant repetition

The future is now

Reality is only how

We teach our babies-

The principles of unprofitable outsourcing

And feed them a borrowed

When individual survival is tied,

To the inequality of opportunity

While side by side, we live with ignorance

Fathered by a weary assurance

And quickly we forget-

That the future is now

And reality is only how.