The Essence of National Development in Africa

“You can’t enjoy the fruits of effort without first making the effort”, said Margaret Thatcher.

There is a need in Africa, a need of national development. A need of improvements. A transparent need for a transformative growth in Africa. A need that all African citizens shall eat its fruits of effort. But who should/must direct structures to meet that need of development, improvement, of a transformative growth in our mother land, Africa? What kind of leadership do we require? Are our African morals, values, respect, that we can trustfully give the authority to lead African nations to climb a ladder to grasp that essence need of national development?

For Africa cries a tear that questions its political integrated leadership. Where are we going under the current political leadership? For this house of Africa exist a vacuum of much more doing, development within the economical structures that promises results of great employment. Development within political strategic ideas that promises to deliver results that are to serve the community. Devoid of self-enrichment tenderpreneural, enterpreneural mandates that are to benefit the minority. Listen here, you African citizen, there is a need in this continent, a need of constitutional knowledge and wisdom from ordinary citizens that would in a well crafted platform of a social cohesion dialogue spit out words, ideas, examples, that Africa has been waiting for.

As much as we are divided as Africans, as much as African nations continue to retariate civil war against each other we shall never  unite we need a common goal, vision, purpose, and understanding, that there is a need, the essence of national development in Africa, then I don’t think Africa will ever ascend the channels of becoming that ever thought continent to growth much as nations around the world expected in its ramifications of political, socio-economic, and social ideals. For the education system in Africa need a clear, consistent leadership that have experienced, jolted the discouragement of “poor” education. How can Africa in general, attain the dignity to meet that need? What can Africans in general, with interconnected dignity do to meet that need? What changes within African political parties can best be implemented in order to enhance leadership creativeness to meet that greater need? Or, perhaps, Africa must wait for a hand of help from Western nations, therefore Africa can be able to meet that essence need of national development.

To borrow words of Gregg Mills, author of WHY AFRICA IS POOR AND WHAT CAN AFRICANS DO ABOUT IT, surely is to encourage, inspire, re-awaken thoughts of Africans that indeed there is a need that must be met in Africa.

Wrote Gregg Mills, words such as, “…there are two societies in weak states. The first of these contains those who believe in the possibility of a peaceful and prosperous multi-ethnic society, a progressive extension of the cosmopolitan capital the elite have experienced, the type of state that earnest Westerners talk to and prefer to hear. Then there is the society characterized by a hard-scrabble, prosaic existence in the country side where law and order are defined less by the law than tribalism, religion, chauvinism, detterance, and retribution”.

In the African society exists a vacuum of much dignity need that when all African nations come together to fight the common enemy, poverty, undefined political structures, inability to meet both socio-economic and micro-economic needs, to eradicate self-enrichment business connected with politics tenderpreneurs, so that the African generation will have greater education facilities to expand and explore a world capacitated with opportunities beyond doubt. There is a need, the essence of national development in Africa. How do we as African citizens transform in a transparent ideal house where our differences are put aside, but with a common aim, to meet that need, The Essence of National Development in Africa.

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Mpho is the founder of CYF then YOTM,former youth radio seco presenter,leader of annual youth motivational projects,member founder and CEO of CPM,spokeperson of RH Intellect Youth,writer of Strategic Thinking Group.

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