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Yet another week gone by and no, I didn’t just stare at my Telly hoping for the best (at least not everyday). On Wednesday evening, as I was chilling at my grand ma’s warm house, I got a call from an old friend of my cousins to please meet with him outside (not for that, I like the way you think though). Well I met up with him and he requested that I do him a huge favour.

As I was just sitting at home doing nothing, I decided to grant my old friend his request. As a consequence, Saturday the 26th June 2010 found me at Naledi in Soweto, at a recreation hall emceeing at a dance competition. Of course it was short notice and I could have simply turned them down but, I decided to do it. I have to say dancing is a serious skill never to be underestimated (especially if you are as hopeless as I am at dancing).

The dancers where popping, locking and breaking some bones I tell you. They were jumping in the air and rolling on the ground and went to the extreme of using those fire  flames (whatever those things are called) that come out of magicians’ mouths. The dancers’ ages ranged from 5 to 23 years.

The group that came out tops had a physically challenged 16 year old boy who danced so hard that he threw away his one crutch and was left with one. That boy (his crew too, I think) wowed the masses and not only did they do that, they took first place and were automatically entered into the second round.

Catch me again same place with more arts related news. Peace.

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