Thanks For Making Politics Unattractive

I live in Ghana in an era where every turn I take I see young people daring to dream for a better Africa. These extraordinary minds have the most contagious drive for change and are actually channeling   this passion into action. As a fresh generation, we are tired of the whole ‘mark time’   Africa has been doing for so many years. Not only do we believe that our generation is wired for marching we are also convinced that with our selfless efforts and an incredibly daring attitude, Africa will change. Africa will change in our life time. Young people everywhere, in fashion, music, engineering, entrepreneurship, media and entertainment are using whatever platform is available to make a difference toward real development. They are leading movements and breaking new grounds and judging from the fact that they have very little inspirational leadership to look up to, their energy is amazing. I will explain. So what is the problem? Apart from the fact that I think they are not being given the needed push, most of these young people have no interest in politics. I agree that politics is not the only platform for change towards development but it is definitely one of the platforms to influence change that when mounted and managed can make a real difference. Political roles can make and influence policies. Government in Africa without a doubt needs the inputs of these selfless and ‘madly’ driven for change generation. We are young and fresh minds that have a dream for Africa, a message of hope for Africa that we can do it and develop. Young people are just not interested in politics especially those who have a strong passion and hunger for change. They have left that territory for a particular class of people who are unfortunately letting us down every time. We hear ugly stories of our leaders on corruption, mismanagement of resources, and all kinds of selfish interests. Interestingly, we are in an election year in Ghana many young people do not care. I personally don’t have an appetite for voting because it is the same old story; our political leaders always let us down. Election period is just another charade of empty promises to accomplish  selfish interest. There are so many developmental challenges in Ghana and our leaders give very little priority to Ghana’s pressing needs. We have the drive, the passion, the dreams, the selflessness and we are armed to march for change and development but from where we stand, politics looks very unattractive.
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