Sharing the burden and blame of South Africa’s Corruption

Corruption in South Africa is unique in that the majority of citizens do not pay taxes beyond the VAT they are occasionally charged as end consumers. Outside of this tax, the burden of tax is as unequal as the spread of wealth. Abstractly, I agree with this principal – those who have the most in society and therefore gain the most by society’s stability should bear the greatest burden – however, there is a risk in a democracy such as ours, that with the burden of the purse not being borne by even remotely a majority of the citizens (I think you’ll find the DA’s % of the vote tallies quite neatly to the majority of tax payers… hrm… something to ponder), the majority of the citizens will not PUNISH the party in Government (often misunderstood as the government: just the way they like it…) for thieving from the public purse because the link has never been made that the money was theirs (the people’s) in the first place.

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