Screw What Day It Is… I’m Going Out

The Gregoran calendar often has the major effect of cramping style, fun and societal flair. Dancing, loud music, late night arts etc are traded for long hours of work and so called productivity.  With 5 of the 7 days of the week dedicated to advancing your career and only 2( Friday and Saturday) left to enjoy  what is left of your life any sane being would know that there is something truly wrong with this picture.  For those who have seen the movie Revolutionary Road featuring Leo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett, a couple  has their marriage completely ruined by the realisation that the mundane suburban lifestyle of a 9-5  job and round the hour house wife is too depressing, so much so (SPOILER ALERT) that the wife ends up committing suicide. Not to worry though, there is a cure, don’t let the weekday blues ruin your swagger. There are other days in the week to party up a storm around Cape Town and we only have the more liberal people groups (i.e. White and Coloured people) to thank for this. Monday night: you have been broke the whole weekend and payday is today, whether its pocket money, 9-5 money or that dirty money which came through. It’s time to spend it and have some fun. Go to MERCURY LIVE. This unique venue has developed a culture of its own, with two floors, a live band to start off the evening and a dance floor with a DJ rocking techno, electro and some Hip Hop. Tuesday night: you got pissed off by your boss, someone made a racial comment at work or you are just not getting some. It’s time to hit the streets once again and what better street to go to than Long street. FICTION time, this venue screams art students and hot blondes and chilled out guys. So have your fun, head off to the bar, get some drinks and after making some lame jokes that you wouldn’t normally find funny, but the now do, hit the dance floor. Here you’ll get a good fusion of techno and underground hip hop beats. Sure to get you dancing. Wednesday night: the week is coming to an end, two more days of having that alarm buzzing. You have your pick of a variety of places. Take out a R100 note from your wallet and know that this is all you will need because tonight is RAND-A-BRAND night in town. Club 91 Stadium on main, Claremont and Chrome, Long street have you covered. Be sure to get there early, about 10pm to get the special. Before you know it it’s Phuza Thursday. Depending on how you feel like dressing up, it’s either hitting the club scene with HEMISPHERE where you must make sure you wear those church shoes that you use once a semester or the heels you find hardest to walk. If you find the scene at Hemisphere not ideal or the bouncer gives you a hard time about your dress code, CAPELLOS pimping-Thursdays with hip hop and house music is right around the corner. Option two would be to just get wasted with SPRINGBOKS jug night, dress comfortably (preferably your drinking attire) and enjoy the cheap mix of colourful drinks in a jug. You have successfully made it through the week, be sure to note that midweek partying starts early and ends early. If you feel like closing down the club or drinking the bar dry, save this for the weekend. 10pm to just after midnight should be enough to show your displeasure to the Pope that decided only 2 days for going out are sufficient. Remember death is not cool, paralysis is even worse, and there’s anal rape in jail, you can decide… Don’t drink and Drive.

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