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With the World in our backyard and so much to offer, South Africa oozes pride and joy. The streets of Soweto are colourful with flag drawings on the ground and every house claiming its love for the country and Bafana Bafana by hanging the South African flag outside their homes.
Our country is the unquestionable principal of African sports, hottest venues as the world class host city for the world cup, and firsthand experience of true African diversity.

If you have extra time (football lingo, thanks to the tournament) or simply don’t mind missing a few games (which is what I will probably do for the sake of my love for arts) there are lots of places to visit for your entertainment and fun times.

Gauteng offers something for everyone. From bars to restaurants, galleries, cultural sites modern shopping malls and clubs. Here’s what to do between games in Gauteng. See Newtown, one of Joburg’s cultural hearts, located near the city centre and boasts a rich history. Situated in Newtown is the “Theatre of the Struggle” known as The Market Theatre. You can catch House of Holy Afro which started showing last Friday and will be on until 11 July 2010 (just as long as the World Cup).

Make sure you’re early for the show for an excuse to grab a pre-show Proudly African exotic meal at Gramadoelas just next door.

In closing I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Mhlongo family. It goes without saying that Mam’ Busi Mhlongo has contributed richly in preserving the art of composing good African music. She will be sadly missed by her fans in and around South Africa.

Keep warm and stay indoors (I promise no one will call you a couch potato)

Catch me again same place with more arts related news. Peace.

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