Positive Action Is Relevant Today

Written by: Duke Nii Amartey Tagoe

The Socialist Forum of Ghana has called on oppressed workers to continue in the fight against the system of capitalism that protects neo-colonial capitalists and is designed to exploit worker’s labour, and the pillage of Ghana’s resources in favour of foreign finance capital.

In a statement issued in Accra to mark the 56th anniversary of Positive Action declared by the foremost exponent of African unity and the champion of Ghana’s independence struggle, Kwame Nkrumah, the vibrant Leftist group said “Positive Action goes to prove that non-violent means of struggle against an oppressor class is possible and can also be victorious.”

The full text of the statement is published below unedited.

On the 8th of January, 1950 that is some 56 years ago, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, leader of the CPP declared Positive Action day a milestone in the Independence struggle against British Imperialism and the colonial rule. This red letter day signaled the continuation of the struggle and its entry into a decisive stage when the use of non-violent struggle like strikes, boycotts, peaceful demonstrations, non-cooperation were employed by the workers and people of the then Gold Coast led by their vanguard party to fight and eventually expel the foreign colonialists from the shores of our great country.

Many were those who lost their lives, livelihood, jobs, freedoms and even places in school for demanding freedom from foreign oppression. Within a year and a half, the CPP and the people won a great majority at the polls and their leader incarcerated by the British was released to head an African Cabinet in the first internal home rule in Black Africa.

The lessons of Positive Action are that a determined people who are on the side of right will always win against the most determined enemy no matter how powerful he might be. It also goes to prove that non-violent means of struggle against an oppressor class is possible and can also be victorious.

Positive Action brought certain awareness to the ordinary person and made it possible for them to take their destiny into their hands and acquire the confidence to stand up for their rights. As we mark Positive Action Day, we salute the gallant workers of that era for standing up to become the vanguard of the struggle for freedom and justice and to show an alternative way opposed to the method by the elite.

Positive Action demonstrates that the oppressed masses of Ghana can mobilize themselves to defeat neo-colonial capitalist state and to build a new society based on the principles of social justice and democracy.


Justice Kofi Henaku Secretary Socialist Forum of Ghana

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