Who will play with the African boy diagnosed with Leukemia?

Who will dance with the African boy who wallows in mud?

Who will apostle the African boy from wars of their fathers?

Who will sing with the African boy whose voiceless setting is marred?

Who will embrace the African boy from the streets of bugs and bites?

Who will house the African boy who steals stale bread due to economic mysteries?

Who will play the harp of merry to the African boy who whistles solemn tunes?

Who will light the yellow dots to the African boy masked in darkness of wars?

Who will prune the African boy of such scar as poverty and illiteracy?

Who will save the African boy who labor all day on the ocean breeze?


Who will address the tears of an African boy crippled with malaria and sneezing nose?

Who will share mug with the African boy who drinks from the pig’s trough?

Who will salvage the African boy who has no poetry in his soul but skeletons of web?

Who will manifest the dreams of the African boy trying to break tides on desert places?

Who will educate the African boy from leaders in masquerades- poised for rigging electoral order?

Who will dine with the African boy who dies tomorrow of AIDS?


Who will?

No one, but you, the guarantor to his souring heart

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah lives in Ghana and an African Poet. International Poetry congresses and festivals have included his poetry presentations and writings in their programs. He is an award-winning poet and has participated in Poetry events, readings in and out of Ghana, including Greece. As a Kostis Palamas poetry prize winner and Guest editor of Poetry Space-UK, he is being published widely in Literary Journals, Anthologies and newspapers in the UK, Canada, India, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Pakistan, Hungary, Greece, USA and other web hosting literary Magazines. He uses his form of poetry in projecting brotherhood of peace, love and beauty in all style, and a distinguished member of United Poets Laureate International (upli-USA), World poetry Canada, Ghana Association of Writers’ (GAW) among others. Michael’s poems have been translated into other languages such as polish by Piotr Balkus, Croatian by Vinko Kalinic, Hungarian by Istvan Dabi and read on Co-op radio 102.7 in Canada by Ariadne Sawyer He is a Project Support Executive of Rakes Company Limited, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from the University of Cape Coast and finds poetry as a tool of promoting peace and conquering the opponent with love. He is about writing his first poetry book. You can reach the Poet at and blogs on