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Starting from August this year, Ghanaians will be paying GHC36 a year for every TV set. If you own more than one TV set then you will pay GHC60 a year.

TV set repairers will pay GHC60 a year. If you sell TV sets you will pay GHC240 a year.

Owners of TV sets for commercial purposes, like in a hotel, restaurant, will pay GHC36 for each TV set.

The disbursements are as follows:

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation – 72%
Ghana Independent Broadcasters Assoc. – 15%
National Media Commission – 4%
Media Development Fund – 4%
Film Fund – 2%
License Fee Management (GBC) – 3%

The whole idea is to make GBC a Public Service Broadcaster, independent from government.

Is GBC still relevant? Has the proliferation of private free to air TV channels diminished the role of the state broadcast corporation?

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