The Lie Dectector- Part Two

Previously on the Lie Detector…   Somewhere across the world… He always brought her flowers , John was such a charmer ,’Anabel mused still in bed . That last shot of brandy really took its toll on her . She was going to be late for work but she smiled , stretched and allowed herself to indulge . Besides her , someone stirred ,’ she turned towards the body with a smile that quickly turned into bewilderment . She jumped out of bed clutching the bed covers and screaming . “Who the hell are you ” , She quizzed him as he got up in shock . It was hard to believe he had been asleep a few seconds ago . “Lady, chillout ! Don’t you remember ” ? “Remember what “, She retorted . “We came back last night , you were too drunk to drive and I brought you home ” . Her eyes opened in shock because she wasn’t much of a drinker . So she tried to recall the events of the previous night. But her head hurt like crazy . She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts . “And then what happened ?”‘ she asked him . He was still lying down naked with this annoying grin on his face . Gosh, He looked good!  she thought as she allowed her gaze to linger for a few seconds before reluctantly dragging it back to his face . “Well , you asked me to spend the night and you kept calling me John ”  he said laughing . “You were pretty wild yesterday” ,”Whew”, he exclaimed . “Best night of my life ” he said with a wink . “Talk about a woman on a mission ” ,he added . Oh God ! She thought ,”I am a Slut” . “Okay , ermmmm mister”. “Ralph” , he supplied . “Yeah Ralph , Please get your things and leave . I have to get to work and I am not in the mood to handle all of this” , she said gesturing to the bed and waving her hands in exasperation . He looked like he was going to argue but something in her eyes apparently warned him against it . He dragged his body out of the bed and started dressing up slowly . “Hurry up” , she said without thinking . Something she regretted immediately . “I mean I have to get going “, she added hoping it would offer her some form of respite . He finished dressing and she started walking him to the front door . All around her little apartment , her clothes were scattered everywhere . Her apartment had been turned upside down . Her panties were on the refrigerator . “Jesus” , she muttered under her breath . They got to the door , he turned around and said ,”Call me” with a smile she was sure would have done bicycle kicks with her heart under a different circumstance . She replied calmly and said “Sure ,why not ? ” Then she slammed the door before he could say another word . She turned and sped into her bathroom , scrubbing and cleaning herself furiously trying to wash away all evidences of last nights encounter . She broke down in tears in the shower curling herself into a ball and holding herself closely as the water streamed over her body . “John ” , she whispered . “John”. Somewhere on the shores of an unnamed beach , the waves had washed a little red box ashore with the words inscribed boldly on the surface of the golden circle inside it .   “To Anabel , ‘Love you forever ‘ , John “
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