Our History

This Poem was written during the Junior Achievement (JA) Awards held in Ghana. Junior Achievement is an initiative which helps young people to bring entrepreneurial collaborations between schools in Africa. Zainab Abdallah shared her poem titled ‘Our history’ with over 200 guest during the gala dinner held at the La Palm Hotel in Accra Ghana. She receive a standing ovation from very distinguished guests present...

I would like to take this opportunity,

To narrate our history,

To explain the necessities,

On implementing our victory.

The prosperous achievements we have had,

Was only given to us by God,

We need to be glad,

We need to thank the Lord.

Without forgetting JA worldwide,

Who are trying to promote the youth,

Indeed we should be kind,

As they promote sustainable growth.

Thanks to JA Africa,

For their great role,

And their great participation,

In attaining JA goals.

It’s not only about entrepreneurship,

Financial literacy and work readiness,

You’ve developed partnership,

Ability and competence.

You’re able to build our today,

You’re able to predict our future,

You’re able to build our ways,

And promote our culture.

With all the determinations that you have,

Creating business competitions and summit,

With the reference from above,

The sky is your limit.

Further more I thank FedEx and Barclays,

For investing in education,

Without any delays,

You’ve our sincere congratulations.

I congratulate everyone,

Who in one way or the other,

Have succeeded in this plan,

Of connecting us.

We pray for your well being,

Wherever you are,

We believe this is just the beginning,

And aluta continua.

The development and changes we see today,

Were built by great African leaders,

Striving days and nights,

Moving around the boarders.

They’re the source of development,

And a source of reconciliation,

Their sincerity and commitment,

Have built African nations.

They’re the source of history,

And a source of liberation,

They’re the source of victory,

And a source of inter relations.

They’re built by integrity and honor,

Political orators with cooperative basis,

With their legacy and manners,

Indeed they’re amazing.

Much respect to Dr Kwame Nkrumah,

The father of decolonization,

Together with Dr Nelson Mandela,

In fighting against racial discrimination.

I salute Sir Julius.K.Nyerere,

The first president of Tanzania,

Together with Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe,

The great founder of Nigeria.

 Much respect to Sir Seretse Khama,

A Botswana great warrior,

Together with Sir Jommo Kenyatta,

The Kenyan great hero.

I salute Sir Milton Obote,

The Ugandan great master,

Together with Sir Robert Mugabe,

And Dr Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia.

Looking at the rising sun,

Wishing that the time was behind,

I don’t know if I can,

Flash back and rewind.

Those who are alive it’s our pleasure,

As they have always tried to fix,

Those who have died it’s a treasure,

And may their souls rest in peace.

Each step that we have to take,

They have to be our reference,

Each step that we have to make,

We need to make a difference.

Let’s promote efficiency,

Patriotism with readiness,

Let’s promote decency,

Working with fairness.

Let’s maintain growth of our economy,

And cultural mobilization,

Let’s maintain the autonomy,

Of protecting our generation.

Let’s promote cooperation,

In combating corruption,

Let’s work with determination,

On child rights convention.

Let’s promote equality,

And combating HIV,

Let’s maintain the solidarity,

Of making our generation free.

Let’s not put difference,

Because of religion,

It’s such a coincidence,

We were born in that region.

We might have similar ways,

Or different in earnings,

We might have similar days,

Or different in thinking.

We might differ in colours,

Ideas or facts,

We might differ in matters,

On being first and last.

But as long as we all have ears,

And we can observe with our eyes,

As long we all produce tears,

Is a fact of being wise.

Let’s join our hands across the world,

Just like R.Kelly did,

Let us be proud,

And appreciate each others deeds.

 Let us be united,

Just like Manchester did,

Let us be cemented,

Like Barcelona and Chelsea.

War and love both have fear,

War sheds blood and love sheds tears,

War has arrows and love has darts,

War break heads and love break hearts.

You can be a doctor and save lives,

You can be a lawyer and defend lives,

You can be a soldier and fight lives,

You can be a police and force lives,

But simply be you, a sweetheart of lives.

An break your heart,

Just like Tony Braxton,

Because we’re the world,

Just like Michael Jackson.


Broken hearts have no spare parts,

Broken soul will make you fall,

Broken mind will make you blind,

And broken brain will cause you pain.

We are the world and together as one,

We are the world and together we learn,

We are the world and together we plan,

We are the world and together we can.

May God bless the world,

May God bless Africa,

May God bless Junior Achievement,

And may God bless you all…

Thanks for your attention,

Together we can stand and fight for development.

Photo Courtesy of George Qua-Enoo Fine Art Photography

Zainab Abdallah

Multi-talented...eager to know, learn & share experiences and challenges..determined, committed and inspired to bring changes to heal the world!