Ofori Danso: ‘The Time is Now Get Registered and Vote!’

This is a campaign to encourage all Ghanaian citizens especially the youth to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections. Irrespective of your political inclinations it is important to ensure that democracy is secured in our beloved nation. Whether you are part of the NDC, NPP, CPP or PPP it is important for us to determine our own future and this can be done  by registering to vote and by expressing your right to freedom, to development and to democracy, your right to have a peaceful and economically sound country. Free from the shackles of the oppressors and independent in its thought towards nation building. The Ghana we envisage when we travel to other countries, the Ghana we dream of when we watch television or surf on the internet. It’s not wishful thinking voting is a simple process to show our leaders and our fathers that we are the bearers of our destiny, that by actively voting they become aware of our presence, our masses, our force; the force to be able to change or maintain a government that’s the only way to make them accountable – to make our politicians work.

We tired of just talking about politics, supporting and complaining our politicians. Why are we too busy to register and vote during election time? We make  excuses like I don’t like  queuing in the sun to vote, and its just not “me” to vote. We forget that we queue for so many other purposes all the time like queuing for public transport, to buy food, to fix our hair in the salon even to use the lavatory in some instances.  Would it hurt to queue once every 4years to shape the future of our nation?

Ghana is sunny 365days in a year and that’s our excuse on Election Day? Come on guys….. If you don not  vote , who will?

The fisherman, mason, seamstress, pure water seller and many people who are semi- literate have a limited understanding of what inflation,  and the impact of how our nation’s policies locally and internationally affects us. It is in our own hands, irrespective of your political affiliation it’s a must to vote. We have a responsibility. Let us go in our masses to represent the power of the youth in our country. Encourage everybody you know to vote!

The time is “Now” get registered and “VOTE” now.


Ofori Danso is a Masters Student studying Development Management at Ghana’s Institute of Management and Public Adminstration (GIMPA)

Kate Tutu

Social Entrepreneur,Business Consultant, Editor of Feint & Margin, a young woman who's passionate about Africa's people and development.

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