Non-Ghanaians Must Steer Clear Of Ghana’s Elections



Press Release

30th November 2016

As the days draw closer, Ghanaians from all walks of life continue to pray and hope for a free and fair elections on December 7. However, like the saying goes, the devil always pitches its tilapia grill where God’s children are gathered. As such, there are all manner of elements within the Ghanaian society whose only preoccupation is to gain unfair advantage during the polls.

There are persons who have turned themselves into contractors to convey persons from neighboring countries to come and vote in Ghana. Following the highly disputed issue of bloated ballots, political parties are on high alert to prevent persons from across the borders who have been paid  to come and vote on Dec. 7. As such, it will be in the interest of these contracted voters to stay in their country to avert being arrested or clashing with party polling agents.

Elections are a highly emotional business. As such, parents of youth in neighboring countries better advise their wards and in some cases themselves to steer clear of Ghana’s elections. Unlike previous ones, alertness by party agents are high and such foreigners when found out may be arrested and handed over to the police, especially those of them who do not have their names on the voters register but are being used to vote with cards that do not bear their real names. In essence, the December elections will not be safe and business as usual for alien voters. So if you know you are not a Ghanaian but have been contracted to vote on December 7, then please stay off because your safety cannot be guaranteed.

The other matter that must be addressed is the fact that ECG must make it a point not to cut power at polling stations especially when it is time for counting the ballots. ECG workers must note that they are members of the Ghanaian populace and any conscious action or inaction on their part that will lead to confusion at polling stations will lead to consequences that they will equally suffer. We shall not tolerate any instance of dumsor from the ECG.

Finally, all parties are advised to provide their polling agents with power banks in order to keep their phones on at all times to communicate any eventualities but most importantly, be able to switch on their phone lights in the event of light offs at the polling stations. Parties must ensure at least a lamp is provided for polling stations or a agents have cars so that the headlights can be switched on immediately there is light off which could lead to ballot stuffing and other forms of confusion.

We hope persons with no business with our electoral process will stay off and all parties involved in this election will conduct themselves with great decorum and utmost responsibility to ensure that Ghana emerges victorious once again.

Revolutionary Regards

Commander Jason Tutu

Head of Communication and Students Command

0245 261 353

Commander Hardi Yakubu

Youth League Secretary

0243 931 165

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