Nobody Gives a Crap

Nobody gives a crap,
They pretend to but they really don’t
Until they need something done
Then they pretend that you’re the one
The man, the confidante, the friend,
Until you mess up and miss something,
Then they show you they don’t give a crap.

Your world could be in turmoil, your day a disaster,
Yet no one gives a crap until it affects their bottom line,
Then they start putting YOUR bottom on the line,
Throwing you down the bottom of the well
To see how far the fall will be and if you have a soft place to land

So if you don’t give a crap, why should I?
You treat me worse than a Kunta Kinte without a foot,
At least he knew they didn’t give a crap,
They told him everyday, no cloak to hide their disdain
But you are more cunning,
Worse than a KKK grand dragon
I can see his intentions, but yours are dressed in glitter
So bright that most can’t see past the shine,
But I know that beneath that there’s a lot of slime.

So I won’t trust you anymore,
I will not believe you anymore,
For I believed you when you asked me to,
And I found out the hard way,
That you don’t give a crap.

So neither will I.

And I will be better than you could ever dream
And one day you will know,
What it’s like,
When nobody gives a crap.

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