Never Forget

There is an imprint of you in my womb.
I don’t know whether you’ve been born or are yet to be conceived,
but the footprints of who you can be,
stride across my heart’s terrain.            

So I give you this living will to inherit
Freedom for your spirit:
I want u to believe.                                                                                                                                                                                                           In a skeptically cynical world, I want you to be dumb enough to believe.      

Where ideas are aborted and never carried to term,I want you to believe.                                                                                      When you’re told that ‘good enough’ isn’t for people of your sex,or age,or colour,or tongue,or beliefs-
believe anyway…
When it seems there’s no more good in the world,
Be the good.

I want you to believe in God,
So you know you are not the center of this universe.
Believe in dreams
Believe in joy
Believe in playing
Believe in imagination
Believe in stars and suns and moons
Believe that the cloud-shapes are real
But only as far as the spinning of the earth,
The length of your sight
And freedom of your mind.

Then let them change into other visions
Create the world as you see fit.
Believe in your shack or palace
Free or enslaved
Broken body or whole.
Stretch the horizons into a stencil of your name.
I want you to believe till the world sees that it’s something worth living for
The only thing worth living for

Siphokazi Jonas

Occupation: Under Construction

I am a spoken word artist, subject to God the Word. I write about the world above me, the world around me and the world within me. I am learning that my poems must always be bigger than me if ever they are to mean anything.