Never Again

My mind restless

My thoughts relentless

I feel my spirit decaying so effortless

My body melts into the madness

I feel my heartbeats constrict

As my mind rattles with conflict

The pain on my face doesn’t even depict

The pain my of heart that’s making me sick

I often think of how I used to be

So incredibly blind to the world around me

My internal pain no one else could see

I so desperately wanted to only break free

I always stood up for what I believed in

Never followed you on your path of sin

But you kept me confined, unable to win

So my journey of destruction was about to begin

I just tried to stay sane

While you constantly played your malicious game

I felt un-identified, without a name

I was just another nobody filled with shame

I stood in the shadows unseen

Not feeling pure but feeling unclean

The things held inside were truly obscene

I wish I could be back with life so serene

I tried to numb the pain in ways unreal

Did everything I could so I didn’t have to feel

My emotions hid behind a mask to conceal

I knew I’d been destroyed, unable to heal

As I lay at night staring at the ceiling

My mind keeps going, thoughts just reeling

You never cared about my well being

Never cared to ask how I was even feeling

I knew that I was stuck in a shell

And whenever I tried to run I always fell

Into continuing on the path of hell

Making my mind and spirit unwell

But whenever I think I wasn’t strong

I remember that I was incredibly wrong

Because I was able to leave you along

The way of me moving on, finally gone

I left you all alone unable to defend

With all these questions you couldn’t comprehend

But I KNOW one thing to the bitter end

Who I was THEN I will NEVER be again..