My Poetic thoughts…You, Me, Us

Misconceptions saturated in hate and unwanted tendencies of not giving a crap anymore. My drastic benevolence shattered in thin air flots aimlessly towards the end of the beginning. I may be flawed wit many characters, some unknown to myself, yet I’ve lost count of what’s real and unreal consciously, when the answer I seek is right in front of me. Caught in my own blindness, I’m still trying to remove the invisible dagger you strategically and intentionally stabbed into my heartbroken beating heart heading towards heartlessville. I was dead, a walking dead, and you woken me, cured and healed me, made me believe in dreams I dared not dream for I was lost in ridicule translation of purpose, you made me see that the lost can still win, win something of value that can replenish even half of what was lost.

Intense and multitude emotions penetrated my soul that was or felt reborn into something I once thought I was destined to be. Only you I see, only you have the remote that controls my every bone, enabling my purpose and guiding me wholeheartedly. Realization came into effect when you yourself started seing your own lost, your own nightmares, your own demons….turning you into a deadly force of pessimism. Countless anticipations and constantly emphasizing on bad and undesirable outcomes. Watching you becoming more surreptitiously alluded, made me more and more confused, insinuation became a tactical art for you and it seems that made you deal with your fear or your sense of not accepting the change we both seek.

My mind is fatigue and not content for I’ve long accepted my existence, and the realization that most things I’ve lost in my life are irreplaceable, we as humans loose everyday, we’re like ants walking and working aimlessly to an end of sadness, moments and instances of happiness in between makes us hope for the better although we know what awaits us. We spend so much time worrying about our insecurities and fail to realize that every moment that passes by not cherished puts us deeper into the hole. Imperfection would always be, for that’s what we are, and to think we use to finish each others sentences, now it’s more or less two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind coinciding and overlapping relentlessly with each other slowly yet against each other, welcoming our end, transparent illusions of what is to become, you, me, us? It’s Human Nature…!!