My Loneliness

My loneliness I cherish so dear, times spent by myself sometimes seems endless, moments I cannot betray, Nirvana, Nostalgia, my notion of my confusion bothers me not. I’m content with the silence around me, tranquil even with the noise and heat from the electronics that surrounds me. Thoughts and words of arguments, advice, laughter,  of all that dared to give me a respected opinion of what they think I am and ought to be flows within my brain Archives, analytic I break down and sifter through statements, applause or no applause, right or no wrong, suspected or not affected, I’m amazed of each irony that rotates all elements restricted and neglected by I alone…… Emptiness I feel and only feel…. I see but yet I’m blinded by my own unfamiliar conclusions, my faith I paused a long time ago, I know the answers for I’ve heard it all before… patiently I sit each day… sometimes in the dark I see myself through an invisible reflection….   I can feel and hear my own heartbeat… I sigh as many times as I can, with a twisted smile on my face… I know now I’m master of my own destiny, I blame only me. I’m comfortable with my loneliness,  acceptance of it is what I won’t deny myself, for I’d rather that than to make someone else miserable of my company and agony, unless I’m willing to change the Demon in me, and bring out the angel that patiently awaits…. my faith, my decision, my life, my loneliness… My grave to take. 

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