Mutabaruka Breaks Geographical Borders

Written By: Duke Tagoe

The sensational dub poet and musician Mutabaruka has called on progressive writers to work towards the removal of geographical boundaries built by forces of imperialism to prevent the unity and the reintegration of African societies for the economic advancement of the continent.

The celebrated actor was speaking at the ‘Monday Groove’ programme at the Freedom Centre which brings together progressive musicians, poets, writers and comedians who perform to a dedicated audience every Monday evening at 6pm.

Mutabaruka says poets have a responsibility to advocate and lead the way in breaking the chains that shackle the continent to the colonial metropolis and the consciously designed system that exploits African people and their resources to maintain the welfare states in Europe and America.

The Jamaican poet also called on all oppressed classes of Africa and the world to unite and build systems that work in their interest and in the interest of humanity.

Mutabaruka said that Africa has for long been subjected to brute force by powerful foreign nationals who’ve made shocking profits by the grabbing of Africa’s minerals and the creation of a market within the continent to market their goods and keep their nationals back home in employment whilst poverty and disease lurks.

He explained that in many instances these crimes have been committed with the connivance of local agents who aspire to live like their foreign masters adding that the time has come for Africa to emancipate itself and chart a new course away from what currently pertains on the continent.

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