Mirror Mirror on the Wall an Exploration and a Celebration of Self

















“The Voice Network”   VOICE- We offer the platform for the creation of a network of young professionals that would serve as assets to one another and our society as a whole.We work to allow individuals to form new business relationships and generate new business opportunities. The goal is to share experiences, information, referrals and resources to help develop and better ensure the success of our businesses. Use your voice to build connections and credibility in today’s market.
We are looking to bring together in one room on a regular basis young visionaries with a passion for their work and our nation. We are interested in individuals operating in all career groups. The more diverse the better!

Voice, as you know, started out as a thought that is manifested – and continues to evolve – through actions taken by all of us. We are therefore striving to create a platform for thought-provoking, challenging and empowering dialogue. Voice is not for any one particular person. It’s for all of us to grow as entrepreneurs and young driven people in a developing economy.

Feint & Margin

Feint & Margin is a weekly, online, Pan-African publication featuring writings and thoughts from Ordinary Africans who have Extraordinary minds. We represent the True Voice of the African Citizen.