Messed Up World

Eleven year old Tiane Parris from South Africa wrote this rap song. She’s a symbol of hope that our future  generation will take care of our world a little better than what she came to meet. Here is her piece on how she sees our world. I’m just a teenage girl in a messed up world half the people here are crazy politicians all are lazy cause I was walk in in the street I was trip pen trip pen cause peeps on the street they were suffering suffering people walked by
they just ignored some of those kids have never seen a school bored health is an issue people got no tissue patients turned away that’s what they say cause no medical aid the govment never paid cause they ain’t no taxes people getting waxes whatthere’s poverty ya it’s politics ya they all want the power people treated sourno education, not even ‘electricity water is scarce just a little slashthere’s global warming like the bees when they swarming the little birdie lost a wing let me tell you this, somt-thingit’s hot it’s cold it’s rainin it’s not our environment is dying plants and animals are crying weather patterns weird death of animals is feared what are we doing boat the rhino pouching what are we doing bout all dem strikes 1.. 2..3 cresendo: what r we what r we gonna do low down low baby bringnit down slowx2 how do we stop poverty how do we stop hate there’s something big going on no food on plates the youth are unemployed life can’t be enjoyed the world is bad soon we’ll all need elbow pads minimum wage on every single page houses are a dream for sum naw mean trees are dying coming down fast it’s a well known secret that they need to last the colour green in nature barely seen in exchange for white paper can’t we use it later the world is stuck it’s falling in a rut donna what going on donna what gonna happen x2 just a troubled teenx2 you naw mean… there are many of me that don’t no know what to do don’t you see it’s up to you
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