Men of Character

Everywhere I turn I hear so called political leaders and influential people in the private sector push the idea that the youth are the future leaders of our country and that government needs to create enough jobs to combat the high unemployment rate among the youth. Many get the opportunity to work at their dream jobs straight after university while others find themselves frustrated by the lack of responses to their job applications. Some are inventive and start their own businesses while others wait on the government to give them handouts. And now that we are getting closer to the municipal elections, there are more cries for unemployment among the youth to be tackled, and promises of swift action are showing from every mountain top within our country. As an aspiring future leaders in this country, I find that the people who call themselves leaders are the most disappointing when it comes to acting like leaders. The very future leaders who the politicians are talking about are looking at our current society leaders and seeing only selfish ambition. Nothing on serving the communities or the country. All there is to see are people who will do and say anything to ensure that people vote them back into positions of power. There are no men or women of character who stand out and are willing to face the problems we have in society and tackle them head on. How are we supposed to learn from people who teach you all the wrong things about leadership yet expect you to lead the country into a great future? It’s like a man who beats his wife in front of his son and expects the boy to behave better than him, while instead the boy learns to express his love to his wife the only way he has learnt how – by beating her. We are slowly being poisoned with the principals of materialism and selfish ambition and not being taught to serve. Where will we end up?

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