Maybe… Love was never made for me or the one I feel for you was not made to be Maybe I fell for you and that is the only thing I can do They say love turns us into fools but just maybe that state is cool Maybe it was the sparkle in your eyes that brought my feelings to life Maybe upon your love I survive and I fear to say goodbye Just maybe in your love my happiness thrive Maybe hate and love are the same They both could be considered a game and a curse to the world of fame Maybe people die because they love or they die because their love turned sour Just maybe what you think is right is the same thing that hindered another man’s light What if life is not in the air we breathe? What if beauty is never what we see? And love and hate is not what we feel? Maybe your destiny defines your dream Just maybe It could be true or not Maybe my poems have been corrupt So right here I abruptly stop or just maybe I have no words left at all
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Tawiah Aboagye

I'm cool and Poetic, Author of the play The African Within.

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