Julius Malema Must Die For President Zuma

Julius Malema must die for President Zuma. Julius Malema has always stood by his words without ny apologies. Malema said that he would die for President Zuma whilst doing everything in his power to ensure that the then President Mbeki is seen as the worst kind of dictator that had to be removed as president of the country. Now that Jacob Zuma is in office he has been accused by Malema of being a dictator. Why can’t the ANCYL live with its choice it made in having Jacob Zuma as their leader? Not only did the ANCYL choose Jacob Zuma but the youth league fought tooth and nail to position Jacob Zuma where he is today. What are the chances that Malema will survive this fight? Someone once said to me: “pick your battles wisely”. Do not pick a fight that is too big for you. Do not pick a fight that you will certainly lose. This is not about cowardice or fear of losing. This is about being strategic for long-term purposes. If you choose to fight; fight something that you know you will win. Choose a battle that will not destroy the rest of your path in the future if you lose it. You could be a young fighter with great potential, just because you have beaten all the boys in Grade 1 does not mean that you can take on Mike Tyson yet or Grade 5’s for that matter. Should you take on Grade 5’s and lose miserably your entire primary or even school life might be a joke and instead of the hero you once were you might end up being bullied for the rest of your school career. If Mike Tyson takes you out, you might never want to get up again and fight another fight because you might be left crippled and paralysed for life even if you wanted to fight again. You want to have your wings still intact until they are strong enough to use for your next attempt. If you want to take a risk, go a grade or two higher than yours. You may lose but you will still have your life and you will not be crippled, you might even earn a little respect. My current fear with the ANCYL is that with every move they make they are digging a deeper hole for themselves so that those who want them to sink have finally found a grip on their heads. They are currently holding their heads and as it appears, they are pushing them down to drown. At the moment it seems as though the ANC big wigs have won. It appears as though they are exercising their full weight over them in order to choke every bit of chance for the survival of ANCYL leader Malema. Increasingly this is appearing as though the fight is spilling over even against the youth of the nation itself. The president of the country has spoken in various platforms seeking ways to stir the older generation to discipline the youth. He recently spoke at a church celebration encouraging the elders to discipline young people. A commendable statement however, this was clear that this was not about a president who would like his country to run in order. This was not said because he cared about the future of the country’s youth. I felt threatened listening to it. It did not feel as though he wanted youth to be disciplined for the sake of their future but as though youth were a dangerous threat that had to be tamed. In itself without the noise around it, it is undoubtedly a noble idea. The youth league is currently looking like a helpless child kicking and screaming while the enemy holds the child’s head down pleading it to die quickly. It is not a pretty picture. I do not think it was strategic of the youth league at all. The youth league as any teenager perhaps overestimated its power and influence and did not take caution or use proper strategy. Just like the Grade 1 who takes on Grade 5s or someone more ruthless. It is apparent that President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is already counting the downfall of Malema and the ANCYL as yet another one of his victories. He is laughing, true to his name. His skin is looking lighter than ever as he no longer needs to campaign in the sun while Malema’s skin is still looking good he has evidently lost some weight. The ANC should be disgusted with itself for using its child to accomplish its dirty work only to discard of the child once its mission is accomplished. The president when asked by journalists whether he has met with Julius Malema as president of the ANC meeting with president of the ANCYL to discuss matters pertaining to the parties. The president confessed to not having done so. Fair enough this is politics, it is not a family affair where a father expels his son without once having sat him down to listen to him and hear his heart issues or attempt reconciliation. Would that be a fair father? Is it a fair leader? Is it the younger one who must come to the elder or is it the elder who reaches out to the youth? The ANC is exercising its power in a way that is setting animosity between generations in the country and within itself. While I think Julius Malema should die for Zuma as he declared before placing him in power. His death would be in the form of humbling himself and stepping out gracefully without fighting but instead trust that the youth league will continue his fight. A good leader should have strong enough people around him or her to be able to carry the same vision without his or her presence. Malema would choose to die by letting the president lead as he chooses to lead without Malema’s interference. That is death. If the youth league chooses to fight for him then let it do so but he should not have had any part with it. I do not think the ANCYL will survive this fight. It must abandon its strategy and rather seek reconciliation since it belongs to one party. The mother body must equally humble itself and do something drastic such as forgive Malema even if it continues to suspend him to some degree, if their interest is in the unity of the ANC rather than the power of one or of certain bodies. The president of the ANC is more than capable of reconciling with Malema. If I must make a plea to the president it would be that he must reconcile with Malema and overlook every offense he has made and rather begin talks with him on a personal leadership level. The ANC was able to forgive the past of this country. The ANC can forgive Malema. Like a son and a father, after all is he not? If the president does this, then the president is modelling reconciliation to the entire country something which has been endangered and aggravated by insensitive comments of late such as that of Helen Zille. I am not advocating a one party state God knows that we need Helen even at her worst. The unity of the ANC however does affect the entire country as real issues are taking a back seat as these party squabbles consume our lives.
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