Is Neo Colonialism A Reality Or A Theory?

Written by: The Nkrumahist Circle

Neo-colonialism is defined by Kwame Nkrumah in his book Neo-colonialism, The Last Stage Of Imperialism that, ‘the essence of Neo-colonialism is that the state which is subject to it is in theory independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and, thus, its political policy is policy is directed from outside. ‘This is a typical description of our current condition in Ghana today, we believe to be an independent sovereign nation because we got our independence on 6th march 1957 and became a sovereign nation on 1st July 1960 under the legitimate government of the CPP and the 1960 constitution.


Neo-colonialism entered Ghana on 24th February 1966, when the legitimate CPP government was illegally overthrown by the C.I.A backed N.L.C. counter-revolutionary rebellion, Nkrumah described the day as ”a day of national crime, sin shame and anarchy. ‘The NLC members had a colonial and a dependent mentality, this was due to the colonial military training they received from Britain, they were trained to pledge their allegiance to the British government, instead of the masses of Ghanaians. So when they took power they first destroyed all the ideological centres that were training Ghanaians and Africans to be able to think independently. This illegal take over by the N.L.C paved the way for American and European imperialism to take over our political and economic system, thus Neo-colonialism.


First of all none of the leaders of the N.L.C had a political educational background which suggests that they can’t politically direct the affairs of the state. Secondly, they had no economic training, which puts them in no position to direct the economic affairs of the state. So with these facts it can be inferred without any reasonable doubt that all their economic and political decisions dictated to them by an outsider, the same enemy of the people the imperialists. Guess what happens if your enemy is making your economic and political decisions for you?

This is the essence of Neo-colonialism, according to Kwame Nkrumah. This Neo-colonial condition has been in place since 1966 and none of the leaders within this period has made any effort to change this system because it suits them at the expense of the masses of Africans who voted to put them in that position. Our leaders still go in for IMF loans, knowing the strict conditionalities that impoverish Ghanaians. quote-a-state-in-the-grip-of-neo-colonialism-is-not-master-of-its-own-destiny-it-is-this-factor-which-kwame-nkrumah-136329 (1)

They make military arrangements with our number enemy, the American CIA …….yes the American CIA is the enemy of all Africans, they are a thorn in our flesh and the barrier to our success… our current social  and economic conditions of slums, natural disaster, unemployment, low standard of living, power outages ”dumsor”, poor and backwards educational system, high indebtedness, dependency on foreign goods and services[expertise],bribery and corruption, armed robbery, and any other problem in Ghana you can think of is a result of Neo-colonialism.

Nkrumah states, ”the foremost of all the neo-colonialist is the United States, ‘so if Neo-colonialism is our enemy then America is our number one enemy, believe it or not but this is a fact. Neo-colonialism is only in existence because there is a minority class who are being paid to be in power to facilitate all this system to conceal the real nature of the cause of our problems.

This class in power gives our resources to the to the imperialist and get their percentage share from it, knowing perfectly well that these resources can be used to solve all our problems in Ghana including unemployment, etc. due to the dependent mentality which has been passed down to them by the N.L.C. they pledge their allegiance to these European and American capitalists and go on ahead and give our resources to the at the expense of the people. The Europeans and Americans use our resources to industrialize and develop their countries, whiles we remain underdeveloped and industrialized, thus leaving behind all the current problems we are faced with today, so, unless we get rid of minority class in power who are being paid, we will continue to stay under this current condition we need to nationalize our resources as said by Hon. Samia Yaba Nkrumah, a term that has never been used since the last fifty years.

Until we recognize that this form of government is a canker, we shall continue to wallow in absolute poverty and the set goals, Sustainable Development Goals would only be a theory just as the Millennium Development Goals were theories to Africa…Let us realize and make a great change for the betterment of all Ghanaians and Africans as well….Let us all be generational thinkers not for ourselves but the once to come and occupy the state after we have left…

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