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Stepping aside from the usual politics that are my forte on F&M, this week I’d just like to give a brief shout out to two up and coming exhibitions that will be in Cape Town in the next couple of weeks: Lightly Salted, and Am I Collective Garage. Cape Town is fast becoming a global culture and design destination, through a combination of community and corporate initiatives (think Design Indaba) as well as the fantastic talent that flocks from around the continent to the city. Illustration is the very foundation of all commercial art, whether it ends in the final product or is simply the WD40 that greases the wheels of the commercial art process. Now the illustrators displaying at both of these events (details to follow after the jump) might not like to think of themselves as wholly commercial; and they’d be right – the convergence of illustration for its own sake and its role as commercial inspiration is really in full flight in Cape Town. Am I Collective Garage takes place  (7th October) at 8 Kloof Street from 6pm to 9pm. Lightly Salted takes place at Mumbo Jumbo which is in Greenmarket Square (38 Shortmarket Street) and starts at 7pm on October 15th (Friday.)
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