I Still Don’t Give a Crap

You feed me poisoned words with a smile on your face, You tell me they are good for me, it’s what the doctor ordered, You shove them down my throat when I tell you they taste funny, You wait for me to swallow them and smile at the results. I was a fool then by allowing you to push me around, I followed you thinking you had the truth all along, I found out that all you are is selfish and vain, I tried to see all your good sides, but you spit in my face, I tried to reason with you but the light seems superior to the darkness.   No more smiling nice guy routine, Because you’ve shown that you don’t care fully for me, In fact if I licked your boots so they sparkle in the sunlight, You’d still expect me to kiss your behind to make it in this life.   I’m done with walking on eggshells for you, Trying to make life more exciting for your palate, I warned you the first time but you didn’t seem to listen, So now the time has come to kick you in the face and beat it.   Next time you come to me with your hat in your hands, I will pour water on you, just to show you who is bad, When you stand in the rain soaked to the skin, I’ll be driving away wrapped in my new mink,  

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