I Rediscovered My Passion at 64

Mother’s day is a few days away and it is that special time of the year when we celebrate the world’s favorite person –Mum. When it comes to our mums we all turn into little kids. We have this strong notion that our mum is the best mum in the world. Sometimes we act like there is an enviable trophy awarding the world’s greatest mum. We won’t publicly argue about it with the next person who has the same opinion but we are sure that we are right.

I think this is because we are the ones who know and understand how much this woman has given up so we can have it all. Her pleasure, her laughter, her dream, her comfort, her future-all of it. That is why nobody can beat mum. Nobody is a better cook. Not even the world’s greatest chef. They are our super heroes and they have everything to do with who we are.

Like most mums, 64 year old mother of one and grandmother of four, Sarah Blanch Moore sacrificed it all. She did not just put her dreams on hold to raise her only daughter but she completely gave them up. Little did she know that it will all resurface 40 years later. At age 14 when she took a vocational class in dress making she knew it was something she was good at but it didn’t mean more to her than hobby at the time. As a young and struggling mother, Sarah started to sew clothes for her daughter because she did not have money to buy the ready made ones .Even though, she did it out of necessity she really enjoyed it and she loved to do it.

‘I did not have financial or moral support to learn the vocation’ she says ‘I had to fend for myself and my baby.’ Her priorities changed, now that she had a mouth to feed. She had to get a job and start earning money. After her daughter’s failed marriage she found herself caring and supporting for her four granddaughters as well. Before she realized 40 years had gone by. Forty years of putting everyone else first. She had finally ended up managing a small pub to earn a living and to take care of her girls. Life got busier with all those responsibilities and it had been that way for a long time. There was no time for chasing dreams or doing what she really loves ‘Even though I had no formal training anytime I saw a dress, I could pick out the faults.’ Sarah says It was not until last year that she took an old and dusty sewing machine she had bought for her niece that she realized she still had it in her. ‘I sewed a church dress for my last granddaughter, I felt so proud of the dress and after that I could not stop sewing.’ All the years that had passed had not taken away her passion and the joy she got from dressmaking.

About a month ago, Sarah bought a new sewing machine and had been sewing almost everyday. Her clothes have attracted some wonderful compliments. People have showed interest to even be trained by her. Her dresses show that Sarah does not just have interest in the vocation but she is actually good at it since people both home and abroad are making request for her clothes. ‘When I start sewing, I can’t wait to see the outcome. I feel very proud of my work especially when my daughter and my granddaughters wear the clothes I make for them’ she adds.

Sarah however admits that she won’t go commercial but she will never stop sewing for her family. ‘I love doing it and once I have the strength, I will continue to sew. I believe that dreams never die. Don’t always expect people to push or encourage you to do what really make you happy. That was where I went wrong. If you find out what makes you happy, pursue it. Looking back through the years if I had a chance to change anything I would have gone after my passion.’ It is 9;30 pm on Wednesday evening and I can hear my 64 year old grandmother’s sewing machine. I keep thinking that she will stop at any minute but she keeps going. Sometimes she will call me to help thread a needle because old age is catching up with her vision. But most of the times she needs her glasses to keep her lines straight especially when she sews during light outs. I have learned a lot from my grandmother but one thing her life teaches me is that I should always hold on to my dreams and what makes me happy.

Happy mother’s day!