Give me Rest!

I was put to rest with no head An abomination in the eyes of my ancestors Yet, those I left behind in this world won’t let me rest As I lay my neck on the chest of my ancestors All in search of a peaceful rest Countless blood in my name they shed All for their next of kin contest Why won’t you just let me rest! I am yet to find my lips in protest So let me rest It never maters who amongst the two comes first Or who amongst the two is the best It justifies not the blood you shed Just let me rest! I did my best, yet they asked for my head Now it matters not, for I own no breath In my grave, with not head, tears I shed Seeing their ones snow white eyes turn bloody red Killing one another as if they are possessed Just let me rest Yes! Now in my grave, I know we humans are but dirt The intricate design of a loving creator, made us, us And our blood remains red, beneath this flesh So let me rest To you the blindfolded followers, I beg Take a little moment to reflect Will this civil war ever end? Will babies have the luxury to play with their mothers Breast? Will you ever return from your farms to a peaceful rest? After cutting off other brothers head? Simply because he says ‘I love you’ with different words just let me rest To you the two, who wants to be the head In different ways you proclaim to be the best But I say it takes not that position to show your worth And upon your heads these bloods are shed If I am dead! Then please… let me rest! Every morning is welcomed with news of huts burnt Our afternoons are spent in environment unkempt And in the evenings, we dine with bonds never kept Just let me rest That I deserve!
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Tawiah Aboagye

I'm cool and Poetic, Author of the play The African Within.

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