Ghana Must Come First “Mahama Ford” Gift Saga

CPP YOUTH LEAGUE Fighters Press Release 23/06/16

Greetings from the Central Command of the League. We have taken note of the excitement that our petition to CHRAJ has generated and will like to assure the public that our pursuit of the matter is purely based on the national interest, and must be delinked from just another squabble in the political arena; for the issue at hand raises grave implications for the integrity of the highest office of the land.

As such, the precedence we allow to be established for conduct in this office is one that must be above board and with no hint of decay and underhanded dealings.

The quest to ensure this sanctity of what should be the most respected office in Ghana is our utmost motivator in this struggle. We therefore believe that any Ghanaian with a fibre of patriotic instinct in his or her being must understand this objective and lend their support to it. Otherwise, we shudder at the thought of the sort of unethical and borderline unethical behaviour we maybe condoning by the president and the presidency; which definitely will be a reflection on Ghana’s image, both at home and abroad.

In pursuit of the preceding objective, we are most encouraged that CHRAJ has written back to us acknowledging receipt of our petition and assuring us that the matter will be dealt with expeditiously.

It is our hope that a resolution from the commission will bring closure to this matter and serve as a definitive point of guidance for future reference, devoid of the usual raucous ambience that characterises such issues with ultimately no resolution and only perpetuating greater confusion. It goes without saying that such a state of affairs has been the backbone of the continuous exploitation and unbridled misconduct by unprincipled and certainly unscrupulous politicians who sadly constitute a majority in our country today.

It must be said that it is the machinations of such misguided political elements that have sought to throw cold water on our otherwise patriotic and ‘Ghana First’ position on this matter. One of their unfounded disagreements is the purile objection being raised that CHRAJ doesn’t currently have the standing to investigate the matter. It is interesting that such objections are mainly based on the mere fact that the commission does not have a substantive head. As far as there is someone acting as Commissioner, the institutional mandate of the commission is not diminished by the absence of a substantive head. Such objections are therefore merely presumptive and untenable.

We note that other individuals and groups such as OccupyGhana and some political parties have initiated various actions and made various demands. This is an encouraging development since it reinforces the citizens’ demand for accountability.

That notwithstanding, our petition has caused many people to say that we are being too radical or too militant or that we act, as we do, due to youthful exuberance. We will like to assure all Ghanaians that our actions, those past and others yet to be taken, are nothing but our revolutionary duty to building our nation. For it is abundantly clear that the prevailing revisionist thinking will never redeem Ghana in a billion years. Some have a problem with the uncompromising and blistering youthful force we wield, we propose that they advice with age not by sabotage in the shadows, with the aim to discourage. Our only promise to such elements and all Ghanaians is that we will fear no obstacle nor relent in this battle to ensure that Ghana works again.

All are therefore encouraged to drink deep from the fountains of integrity and truth, and to make efforts in the pursuit of same.

We are relentless and fearless. We are fighters for truth.

Revolutionary regards to all.

Commander Jason Tutu, Head of Communication Command, CPP Youth League (0245261363)

Commander Hardi Yakubu Secretary to the Youth League (0243931165)

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