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This week our nation was shaken at the very core when a Member of Parliament (MP) was arrested by Ghana’s Police Force for making inflammatory remarks declaring war on our nation and inciting genocide. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong MP of Assin North in the Central Region was charged with treason. He is currently out on bail. (read more on the story)

Facebook and Twitter has been bombarded with statements and declarations by peace loving Ghanaians to call for restraint and for peace to reign in our Nation. For those of you who are not aware, Ghana is in an election year. The NDC (National Democratic Congress) which is the ruling political party and the NPP (New Patriotic Party) are hard at work trying to convince our nation’s citizens about who should serve us in the next four years. 2012 is ‘Election Year’ and with it comes tension, conflict and a scramble for power. In Ghana’s political arena the winner takes all. So you can deduce as to why these two political parties would be so passionate about winning the elections. When our political parties use this passion to incite ethnic war we as citizens should stand up and speak out against it. What transpired this weeks serves as a stark reminder that if we as citizens of our country do not hold our politicians, media and government accountable for their conduct, then we will be on a slippery road to a destination not far from what was experienced in Rwanda, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the DRC.

To the Ghanaians who spoke out against the inflammatory words of Hon. Agyapong, thank you! You are the reason why our nation remains peaceful. You are the reason why there is hope for a better future.

There is a famous quote by Edmond Burke which says that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke). To the good men and women of Ghana Feint & Margin says Ayekoo!

We would like to share with our readers some comments made by these good men and women in Ghana. Below are a few from Ghana’s Thought Leaders.

“One does not need to be told where the bearer of a name SENAYAH comes from.
My dad comes from Anfoega in the Kpando district in the Volta region. Thus I’m an Ewe by patrilineal inheritance. However my late grandpa settled in Kumasi and has landed properties in Suame magazine and his family house at B line (B 45) Asawasi. Among his 7 wives was one Ashanti from Tafo. Therefore I have uncles and aunties who are Ashantis and thus a lot of Ashanti cousins.

Apart from university education and some few years stay elsewhere, my dad has lived in Kumasi all his life. He attended Aboabo L.A primary school then Prempeh college and has worked with Soil Research Institute, Kwadaso Agric since 1985.

My mum Faustina Akua Pra Debrah is an Akan from Akyem Abomosu in the Eastern Region. Thus I’m an Akyem by Akan matrilineal inheritance. She has lived in Accra for the past 25 yrs. Precisely in Darkuman, North Kaneshie and Fadama.

Through education at SEA preparatory and Prempeh College(both in Kumasi) and then University of Ghana, I’ve made life time friends with different ethnic backgrounds which I must say is of no consideration to our relationship.

I’ve lived, schooled and worked in Accra since 2001. Now I have my shoe workshop in Kumasi. Thus I ply Accra- Kumasi so frequent that maybe only the commercial drivers will beat me to it.

My better half is a fante from Abura Batanya in the Central region.

My grandpa had 27 children. Having settled in Kumasi and lived in suburb surrounded by zongo communities, how could he have restricted inter tribal relations that resulted in procreation of new families. Some of which I don’t even know.

I’m just too Ghanaian to entertain tribal sentiments.


Tonyi Senayah is the CEO of Horseman Shoes a Ghanaian based footwear manufacturing company.

… and then one foul-mouthed politician – one of many on all sides of the political divides spews some venom that should wake us all up. SHAME on political leaders on all sides, in past and present incidents who do not condemn followers who threaten the common good. SHAME on media houses who purposely polarize important issues and engage in unedifying party politics – the media needs to learn to ‘boycott’ certain people and refuse to have them on their platforms. Likewise, the media must have editorial wisdom that knows when to halt the spewing of content and to tell listeners … ‘we respect you too much to allow such insults to assault your ears and incite the masses’. lastly, SHAME on me and you, for talking and talking and doing nothing to condemn evil, spread good and work hard for the well-being of GHANA!”

Dr. Esi Ansah is the Founding Partner and CEO of Axis Human Capital . She is also a lecturer at Ashesi University

“Ghana first! No political party is worth tearing our country apart.. Both parties have contributed to our progress and their staunch members/foot soldiers should remember that they’ll undo all the good work their leaders did if they go on rampage! They should also remember that these leaders would be the first to put their families on a plane should chaos erupt… With that at the back of our minds, let’s continue doing what we know how to do best in this country – setup committees and hold workshops and of course – fa ma nyame 😉 Good morning everyone! “

Farida Bedwei is Head of IT at G-Life Micro Finance, She’s also the author of the book Definition of a Miracle.

“Ghana Politics: We should all support the police in maintaining law and order especially this election year. Any shred of backing for the actions and statements by Nii Lante Vanderpuye and Kennedy Agyepong is misplaced.

Kennedy Agyepong(MP, Assin North, Central Region), your despicable call to those in Ashanti will go unheeded. The majority of residents here are discerning people who view your statement as an affront on their intelligence”

Yaw Adu Gyamfi is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at the Kumasi Centre For Life

“Is there a political Ghana separate from a social Ghana? How do politicians make decisions that benefit themselves yet the people are dire straits, and are dying?When would politicians in the ilk of ‘Kobby Acheampong’ and ‘Kennedy Agyapong’ reckon that their loose talks and political arrogance can threaten the peace Ghana has and is enjoying?When are we going to reach that tipping point where positive change is possible in Ghana? Sometimes I feel like crying for my country Ghana because if this trend of loose talks, corruption, lawlessness and soldiers and policemen brandishing cocked guns to scare the masses at every petty issue continues we’ll be in for the inevitable. As the race to Election 2012 puts on flesh,my shirt boldly scream GHANA NEEDS PEACE.”

John Ebo Quansah is a medical student at Harvard Medical School, he’s also a writer for Feint & Margin

I’ll leave you with this thought this is not about NDC vs NPP this is about an MP who is sowing hatred and violence into our society through his words. Let us not politicise this issue. Freedom of Speech comes with responsibilities and as a public figure and a leader he should have known better.



Kate Tutu

Social Entrepreneur,Business Consultant, Editor of Feint & Margin, a young woman who's passionate about Africa's people and development.