Underneath a lonely coconut tree I sit
Viewing the vast sea that lay before me
As it roars, sending splashes to the soles of my feet
I peered on further to where the sea and horizon meet
And freedom was the melody that caught my soul
Like the sea birds soar free and high
With their only restraint, the porous sky
My heart slowly beat the rhythm of a passing butterfly
who knows nothing about tears and cry
and stay bright till the very day it shall die

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
My soul continuously cries
Freedom from the bondage of worry
Form earths treacherous glory
And the taunting thoughts of luxury
Freedom from love and pain
From fame and hate
Freedom… my soul sings on this day
Though I know not my fate
Freedom I sing, over and over again

Tawiah Aboagye

I'm cool and Poetic, Author of the play The African Within.