My soul raved for sex I espoused it even above the offspring of success while I lusted cheaply after black sisters in mini skirts desired a little bit of fame took charge and purchased some delight sitting on the hype of this game my existence knew no shame as I placed my dignity on sale and borrowed the support of friends who did same I tried fashion smoking and a little bit of booze was all over the nuuz felt like I owned the time and treated almost everything as though the worlds booty was mine made love to sophistication and won a spot on an overly publicized TV commercial wanted a goddess for a wife dreamt of platinum all my life I envisaged an existence five star and beyond when amidst fancied memories I crafted for myself an imaginative bond had a high regard for Puerto Rican ladies Imagined our Ghanaian sweeties in their twenties secretly, I searched but inwardly, I felt empty
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